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The home of Rubbish Boy's Original Edition, a handmade, high carnauba wax content, car wax which contains natural solvents and waxes. It's made in really small batches by me, and every pot is inspected and tested before being sent out.

If you're a detailing enthusiast then you have come to the right place, because so am I! This site was created because of my love for carnauba wax car waxes and fine detailing products.

I am an official stockist of Dodo Juice products, I carry just about the complete range of Dodo Juice products, as well as Bilt Hamber, Liquid Shine, Kestrel and Mark V to name a few.

Have a look round the site, you can browse the products from the menu on the left. If you want to buy anything, just pop it in your shopping cart. You will also get FREE UK delivery on all orders over £29.50. 

World Wide Shipping

I can and do ship to just about anywhere in the world. Add any items you are interested into your shopping cart, go to the "Checkout" page and choose your country from the "Shipping Destination" drop down box. The site will calculate the shipping cost for you based on the weight of the order.

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