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Supernatural Wheel Sponge
Out of Stock

Supernatural Wheel Sponge £8.95

Supernatural Wheel Sponge. A dedicated wheel sponge, with a curved profile and
waffle face.

If you like the Supernat ... More Info

WHEELS Bucket Sticker
Out of Stock

WHEELS Bucket Sticker £3.95

WHEELS bucket sticker. Make sure you know which bucket you use for wheels, don't want that dirty water going anywhere el ... More Info

Bucket sticker set
Out of Stock

Bucket sticker set £9.95

Bucket sticker set (3 stickers). Got two buckets but get confused which is which? Use these Dodo Juice 'wash' and 'rinse ... More Info

Hose Blockers set of 4
Out of Stock

Hose Blockers set of 4 £12.95

Set of 4 Hose Blockers. Anti-snag. Tired of snagging your hoseline on the tyres as you drag it around the car? You need  ... More Info

Dodo Grit Guard (Red, Blue or Black)
In Stock

Dodo Grit Guard (Red, Blue or Black) £9.95

Grit Guard. Keep the grit out of harms way in the bottom of your wash bucket.

These Grit Guards are colour coded blue ... More Info

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