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Gentle Wheel Cleaning with Fluffy Finger Mitts.

If your wheels are good condition and have been well sealed/waxed, using dedicated wheel cleaners isn't necessary. A much more gentle approach is to use your regular wash shampoo and a mitt.

What follows is a brief guide on this method.

So here we have one grubby wheel, about 3 weeks since it was last cleaned. It has a good coating of road film and brake dust among other things.

One grubby wheel.

A quick rinse off with the hose (or pressure washer if available) will remove the loose grit and dust.

Rinsed off to remove loose dust and grit.

Here I have a normal mix of wash solution (In this case Mark V Cherry 50ml to 10Ltrs of water).

Mitt dipped in the wash solution.

The wheel is washed down as you would the paint work, gentle pressure, working logically to ensure every part gets washed. The small size of the Fluffy Finger mitt allows you to reach in behind the spokes.

Reaching in behind spokes.

And ensuring the face and tyre also get a good wash.

Doing the face and tyre.

Once washed it is ready for rinsing off. Rinse away the suds with a hose or pressure washer.

Finished washing.

Rinsed and clean. At this point I carried on and washed the other wheels and the body work.

Rinsed off to remove wash suds.

Once dry the tyre can be dressed. Here I have used a Split Foam Applicator and some Mark V California Dressing. Applied carefully and evenly.

Applying Mark V California Dressing using a split applicator to the tyre.

The finished wheel, cleaned and dressed. Much better!

A clean and shiney wheel.

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