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Which Dodo Juice Carnauba Wax Do I Need?

With the launch of the new Dodo Juice hard waxes there are now eight waxes to choose from. This little guide should help you choose which one is right for you.

The first question is do you like a hard wax or a soft wax?

This is a personal choice really. A soft Dodo Juice wax is easy to spread, can be scooped out the jar easily for applying by hand and the texture of the wax feels nice and soft when working in the hands. A hard Dodo Juice wax makes applying a thin layer easier, a thin layer makes for easier removal. The hard waxes may have a slight edge in durability.

The next question is do you want a wax for use on all colours or do you want a wax specially for the colour of your car?

The colour charging effect of the Dodo Juice waxes is very subtle, so if you really want to try one of the coloured waxes on a colour it's not for, then it will still look good. If you have many different coloured cars you want to wax, go for one of the generic waxes: Hard Candy (hard) or Rain Forest Rub (soft). If you want a wax to work with the colour of your car, choose from the list below.

Dodo Juice Wax Wax Type Smell / Wax Colour Car Colour
Rain Forest Rub Soft Water Melon / Green All Colours
Orange Crush Soft Sweet Orange / Orange Warm Colours
Light Fantastic Soft Coconut / White Light Colours
Purple Haze Soft Lavendar / Purple Dark Colours

Hard Candy Hard Raspberry / Pink
All Colours
Banana Armour Hard Banana / Yellow Warm Colours
Diamond White
Hard Vanilla / White Light Colours
Blue Velvet Hard Blueberry / Blue Dark Colours
Special Edition Waxes
Dodo/RB Juiced Edition
Medium Pineapple / Yellow All Colours
DW Double Wax
Hard & Soft Mint / White & Green All Colours
Premium Waxes
Medium to Soft Unscented / White All Colours

Light Colours:
White, Silver, Light Grey, Light Blue, Light Metallics.

Warm Colours:
Yellow, Orange, Red, Gold.

Dark Colours:
Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Metallics.
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