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Mystique compound, polish and glaze 500ml - £13.95

Mystique compound, polish and glaze 500ml
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Mystique 500ml.

Mystique is a unique, easy to use, micro-fine compound and glaze. It can be used to remove moderate scratches, swirls and medium oxidation.

It is amazing how it can remove heavy scratches and paint imperfections and create a flawless swirl-free finish.

One product to do all these jobs.

Use as a compound:- Mystique will remove 1500 grit scratches, defects and heavy oxidisation when used with a lamb's wool pad.

Use as a polish:- Mystique will remove remove swirls, oxidisation and minor defects when used on a foam polishing pad.

Use as a finishing glaze:- Mystique will refine the finish from heavier polishing stages and allow you to create the perfect finish when used with a foam finishing pad.

After polishing with Mystique top with Glisten and or/a carnauba wax.
  • Removes scratches like a heavy compound, finishes like a fine polish

  • Easy to use, great for people new to machine polishing and a great time saver for pros.

  • Very low residue. Less dust and easier clean-up then competing products.

  • Body shop safe. No silicones or waxes.

  • Can be used with any type of buffing pad.

Supplied in 500ml bottle. Made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: Mark V
Category: Polish & Compound
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