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Bilt Hamber Dynax UB 1 Ltr - £10.95

Bilt Hamber Dynax UB 1 Ltr
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Dynax UB - Under Body 1Ltr.

Dynax UB is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides exceptionally long lasting protection to steel surfaces. Dynax UB contains elastic polymers that create a tougher wax coating that is more resistant to abrasion than normal wax coatings - this property enables this wax to protect vehicle undersides for prolonged periods and unlike traditional bitumen underseals Dynax UB will not peel.

Dynax UB when dry, has the consistency and feel of soft rubber, but is intelligently formulated to expand and contract and as such, is perfect for use on cars which get put away in garages at the end of the day or are used all year long.

It dries to a tough matt black finish and is ideal for application to all unprotected road facing areas of the underside of the car or for areas which need to resist damage from grit/stones etc. In salt-spray trials (to ASTM B117 conditions) Dynax UB substantially outperforms competitive materials.

Dynax UB may be applied to another coating of UB, a wide range of painted/coated surfaces or to bare steel. It is not designed to be painted over.

Supplied in 1 Ltr tin.

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Manufacturer: Bilt-Hamber
Category: Rust Removal/Prevention
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