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Liquid Shine High Cut 500ml - £11.50

Liquid Shine High Cut 500ml
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High Cut Compound - 500ml.

A high cut and high gloss compound for use on fresh and cured paint. Capable of removing 1500 grit sanding scratches and for use on automotive paints, marine gelcoats and composite surfaces.
  • Silicone, wax and filler free.

  • Capable of removing P1500 grit sanding marks.

  • Capable of removing minor defects and heavy oxidisation.

  • Water based and biodegradeable.

  • High gloss.

  • Designed for all paint types.

For best results use the Liquid Shine Purple High Cut compounding pads.

High Cut Compounding Foams

Comes in innovative foil sealed packaging for easy dispensing. Plus colour coded to the correct polishing foam for ease of use.

See the Liquid Shine web-site for more info.

1 x 500ml pack supplied. Made in the UK.

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Manufacturer: Liquid Shine
Category: Polish & Compound
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