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IP100 Polyshine - Paint Sealant - £11.95

IP100 Polyshine - Paint Sealant
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Mark-V IP100 Polyshine 16oz.

IP100 is a long lasting polymer resin sealant. It’s blend of silicone co-polymers and amino-functional resins cross-link to develop a chemical bond with the painted surface. By bonding in this way, Polyshine creates a super tough protective layer that blocks the harmful effects of the environment, resists detergents and abrasives whilst at the same time forming a highly reflective layer that outlasts any wax.

Once cured, the ultra slick layer will repel dirt, helping to keep the vehicle clean and also make routine cleaning easier.

When applied by machine IP100 lasts even longer, the heat of a high-speed polisher helps the polymers cure and form a tougher bond.
Hand application will require a cure time of 24-48 hours for the polymers to fully crosslink, during which time the vehicle should be kept dry.

Used on top of any clean, smooth painted surface,it protects from rain, dirt, smog, salt, UV light, detergents, bird droppings, etc.
  • Easy to use. Very low residue.

  • Apply by hand, orbital or high-speed polisher.

  • Protects paint from rain, dirt, smog, salt, bird droppings, acid rain, UV light, detergents, etc.

  • Lasts for up to 18 months.

  • Any splatter or residue is extremely easy to remove from crevices or emblems.

Special Tips and Precautions:
  • The more heat used to apply IP100 the faster the curing process and greater the longevity.

  • IP100 likes clean, smooth properly prepared surfaces. Pre-clean with fallout remover, water spot remover, clay etc. before applying IP-100.

Apply by hand PC or with a high speed buffer.

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Manufacturer: Mark V
Category: Sealants
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