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Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid 500ml - £12.95

Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid 500ml
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Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid.

Cleanser-fluid is a non-abrasive paint work cleanser for deep cleaning paint work before wax. It will remove old layers of wax or sealants, oil based road film, old polish residue, tar and grease leaving an excellent base for applying your wax.

This product also makes an excellent wipe down/inspection fluid when machine polishing. Use after polishing, to remove any remaining polishing oils or fillers left behind by the polish, to reveal the true finish.

To use: atomise over the paint until it is wetted with the product, do not use on hot panels and use in a shaded area. Gently and quickly wipe the material from the paint with the microfibre turning the cloth frequently and wiping until the panel is dry.

Supplied in a 500ml brushed aluminium bottle with atomiser head and microfibre towel. Made in the UK.

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Manufacturer: Bilt-Hamber
Category: Polish & Pre-Wax Cleansers & Cleaners
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