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Rubbish Boy's Original Edition - £39.95

Rubbish Boy's Original Edition
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Original Edition Carnauba Wax

Original Edition is a very unique and exciting, high carnauba content wax. It's handmade, in very small batches by me, with each pot being personally inspected by me. If it isn't up to scratch it gets binned.

Original Edition contains a blend of natural waxes, oils and solvents including carnauba wax, beeswax, coconut oil and orange oil. 28% carnauba by weight of total weight of product (e.g 100g of product contains 28g of carnauba), or 42% by volume of raw ingredients, or 83% by weight of total wax content.

Suitable for all colours and finishes, it leaves an outstanding wet look shine with excellent beading, to rival some of the more expensive brands of wax.

How to apply Original Edition
Original Edition is a fairly hard wax and is probably quite different to other waxes you have tried. Here is how I apply it.

Read more about Rubbish Boy's Original Edition.

Supplied in a 250ml jar. Supplied with a FREE Basics of Bling Finger Applicator.

Please note: There are very limited quantities available.

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