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California Dressing 500ml - £6.95

California Dressing 500ml
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California Trim and Rubber Dressing.

California Dressing is a great multi-use trim and rubber dressing, that uses a unique non-VOC solvent.

This is a very slow drying solvent dressing. It will run and then soak in, to leave a natural, like new shine.

It can be sprayed or wiped on tyres, trim and undercarriages to give them a beautiful, non-greasy, long lasting shine. After product is dry, simply buff with a micro fibre cloth to seal in the shine and protection.

  • Medium gloss finish.

  • Runs and then soaks into tyres.

  • Will not cause staining on flexible, painted cladding and bumpers.

  • Can be wiped or sprayed onto surface.

  • Dries to a non-greasy shine that does not attract dust.

Supplied in 500ml pump spray bottle. Made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: Mark V
Category: Glass / Trim
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