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Supernatural Machine Stick (60ml) - £29.50

Supernatural Machine Stick (60ml)
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Dodo Juice Supernatural Machine Stick.

Supernatural in handy machine stick packaging, for rapid waxing by machine.

As much as dipping a foam pad into a jar is fun, an open jar can be knocked over or get contaminated with dust and dirt. So Dodo Juice have come up with a neat solution that can fit in your pocket - the Supernatural Machine Stick.

It's a variation of the high-performing Supernatural wax formula, but it's been specially designed for the new packaging. Just twist the stick to expose fresh wax, wipe over a foam sponge for hand application, or load a finishing pad by setting your rotary polisher to a slow speed and let friction do the rest. Then apply the wax to prepared paintwork (at low speed if using a machine) and buff with a clean microfibre afterwards. It could be quicker and more consistent than applying by hand, and the thinner layer means your wax should go further and cure/bond better.

Supplied in 60ml container. Made in the UK.

Also available in 30ml, 200ml and 250ml Wooden Pot.

Currently in stock.

Manufacturer: Dodo Juice
Category: Carnauba Wax
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