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Extreme Miracle Cleaner 1 US Gal - £19.50

Extreme Miracle Cleaner 1 US Gal
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Extreme Miracle Cleaner.

Extreme is a unique all purpose cleaning product. Its unique blend of surfactants make it especially suited to clean traffic film from cars, trucks, SUVís and aircraft, and to emulsify grease from engines. This product has to be used to be appreciated.

It easily removes black streaks from motor homes and tracker trailers, yet it does not contain Caustics, which can cause streaking and damage to the paint.

Dead bugs and traffic film are no problem for this powerful cleaner, just wash and rinse. This biodegradable cleaner easily removes even the heaviest concentration of bugs.

Extreme can be used even in direct sunlight and will not damage the painted surface or bleach dark colored trims even if the product is allowed to dry.
  • Biodegradable.

  • Non-Caustic.

  • Excellent penetration properties.

  • Great degreasing and emulsification.

  • Will not choke users when sprayed.

  • Very versatile.
Application Tips:
  • Dilute up to 30-1 for cleaning cars, 4x4, vans, boats and planes.

  • For use as a bug remover, dilute 10-1, spray, agitate and rinse.

  • For interiors, dilute 15-1.

  • To pre clean paintwork prior to waxing, dilute 4-1, apply, agitate and rinse.

  • Dilute 1-1 for a safe acid free wheel cleaner.
Supplied in 1 US Gal (3.78Ltrs) bottle. Made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: Mark V
Category: Cleaners
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