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Dodo Juice Skull Candy Limited Edition - 30ml - £12.95

Dodo Juice Skull Candy Limited Edition - 30ml
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Dodo Skull Candy Limited Edition wax - 30ml.

A pink wax/sealant hybrid may not be the obvious way to celebrate Halloween, but then again, Dodo Juice are anything but obvious. This morbidly magnificent wax offers high end performance, but be quick - only 666 of these 30ml 'panel pots' exist (panel pots are generally enough to wax a car a couple of times over). Early-bird purchasers will also have the chance to win the collectible Master Cranium skull jar, complete with Skull Candy 'brain'... the most bizarre and brilliant pot of car wax created to date!

1 x 30ml panel pot supplied, the skull is not included.


This is a wax unlike anything ever seen before - a scaled-down replica of a human skull containing a SKULL CANDY 'brain' personally handcrafted by the good people at Dodo Juice. The Master Cranium is NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY.

The only way to own it is to buy a SKULL CANDY panel pot and then:
  1. Use skill and judgment to guess the weight (in grammes) of the Skull Candy Master Cranium BRAIN (not the whole skull)

  2. Write this number down on a piece of paper and then photograph it, with your SKULL CANDY base label in view, showing the unique SKULL CANDY limited edition number (1 to 666) that you have purchased.

  3. Send this photograph to before 30th November 2010.

The purchaser who has guessed closest when the competition ends, will win a Master Cranium. Only correctly completed email entries will be accepted (weight written down, Skull Candy base label and limited edition number in view and readable). Terms and conditions will apply.

Currently not in stock.

Manufacturer: Dodo Juice
Category: Carnauba Wax
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