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Basics of Bling Wax-safe Wash 500ml - £8.95

Basics of Bling Wax-safe Wash 500ml
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Dodo Juice - Basic of Bling Shampoo 500ml.

Basics Wax-safe Wash is the perfect introduction to the legendary range of Dodo Juice detailing shampoos. pH-neutral and residue free, it contains the same high quality biodegradable surfactants found in the more expensive Dodo Juice shampoos, yet is a simpler recipe scaled up for larger production runs... making it markedly less expensive. Despite cleaning well, it is 'wax-safe', helping preserve wax or sealant layers previously applied to the car.
Use it on glass, including windscreens, without fear of smearing - and at 1:400 dilution ratio it is twice as concentrated as typical high street shampoos. Plus it smells like aftershave. Good times!

1 x 500ml bottle supplied.

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Manufacturer: Dodo Juice
Category: Shampoo
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