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Dodo Juice Clay & Lube Bundle - £14.50

Dodo Juice Clay & Lube Bundle
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Dodo Juice Clay & Lube Bundle.

A clay bundle consisting of 1 x 500ml ready to use Born Slippy and a pack of Basics of Bling Clay all at a discounted price! Bought separately these items come to 15.90.

Born Slippy Clay Lube 500ml - Ready to Use.

Most detailers use a quick detail spray or watered down shampoo as a clay lube, but wouldn't it be better to use a product that's specifically made for the task? Born Slippy is not only highly lubricious, it also enhances the cleaning process while you clay.
1 x 500ml bottle with spray head - "ready to use" supplied.

Basics of Bling Clay Bar 110g (2pk).

Yellow poly-clay has been a staple product of detailers for many years, and for good reason... it is great value, has a good consistency and works remarkably well. Being a fine grade clay, there is also less chance of marring, although clay lube is still recommended during use. Comes in a plastic clamshell storage case.
1 x pack of two bars supplied (2 x 55g).

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Manufacturer: Dodo Juice
Category: Clay & Lube & Starter Kits & Bundles
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