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Showroom Finish Quick Detailer 1 US Gal - £22.50

Showroom Finish Quick Detailer 1 US Gal
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Showroom Finish Quick Detailer / Clay Lube

The perfect quick detail product. It will easily removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, road film etc from your cars surface. Showroom Finish cleans and protects in one step, leaving paint, glass, chrome and vinyl clean and slick, with no impact to the wax or polymer previously applied.

To use as a wax booster, simply spray onto a freshly washed vehicle (no need to dry first) and dry as normal, leaving you with that "just waxed look" in a fraction of the time.

Cleans and shines glass, chrome and all painted surfaces.

Makes an excellent clay lube.
  • Contains polymers for longevity.

  • Very easy to use, just spray-on and wipe–off with a soft microfibre.

  • Cleans and protects in one step.

  • Leaves painted surfaces clean and slick.

  • Can be used after washing as a wax booster.

Supplied in 1 US Gal (3.79 Ltrs) bottle. Concentrated product dilute 1:1 with water. Made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: Mark V
Category: Quick Detailer & Spray Wax
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