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Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml - £13.25

Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml
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Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml

The eagerly-awaited pre-wax cleanser from Dodo Juice is finally here - boasting unparalleled cleaning performance, class-leading ease of use and a prepared surface that shouts slickness and gloss. Apply by hand or machine, wipe off wet or buff off dry, wipe it on panels or try it on trim... it's the pre-wax cleanser that breaks all the rules.

Dodo Juice Lime Prime is a pre-wax cleanser formulated to clean, polish and prepare the paint surface ready for a layer of Dodo Juice carnauba wax. It contains a mixture of micro-abrasives, cleaning agents and oils to remove paint oxidisation, ingrained dirt and light swirlmarks. Its oil content makes the surface glossy and smooth, helping subsequent wax application.

Also available in 500ml sizes.

Lime Prime Lite, the eagerly-awaited non-abrasive verison of Lime Prime is now available.

Currently not in stock.

Manufacturer: Dodo Juice
Category: Polish & Pre-Wax Cleansers
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